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8 Hour Sportfishing Trip


California Norte


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8 Hour Fishing Trip in Ensenada

Put your skills to the test and get out of the routine on our fishing trip around the bay of Ensenada and Todos Santos Island, where you will have the opportunity to catch horse mackerel, tuna blue fin, white curvina, rock cod or ling cod.

Discover the riches of Ensenada Bay as you spend a full day fishing for some tough-fighting and delicious fish. These productive waters are full of Yellowtail, Bonito, Rockfish, Snappers, and many more prized creatures.

Search the open waters or bottom fish the shallows in this 8 Hour Fishing Trip in Ensenada and experience the thrill of sportfishing in stunning surroundings as you fill the boat with something delicious to take back to shore.

In addition, you can decide if you want to perform the capture a specific species or search for various species in the area.

8-hour-fishing-trip ensenada

Duration: 8 hours 

Set sail: 7:00 am

Cost: $ 649.00 USD per trip

Capacity: Up to 7 Persons

Type of trip: Private. This trip will be organized just for your group.


Does NOT include fishing license.

Don't Forget:

The Best Sportfishing

Travel for maximum 7 people. 

The species to be captured vary according to the season of the year. 

The Fishing volumes allowed are controlled in accordance with current fishing laws. 

It is your responsibility to replace or pay for any lost fishing equipment.