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Rental Of Boats And Pangas


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Set sail: 9:00am or 4:00pm

Capacity: 4 -11 Persons

Type of trip: Private. This trip will be organized just for your group.


If you are more adventurous, with our rental of boats or pangas you can take a tour around the bay or just be anchored where ever you like. Our fastest boats of 25 – 28 feet will get you to your destination even faster and, maximizing the time of your adventure. With the guidance of our captain and sailor, that will accompany you on the trip, the only thing you have to worry about is enjoying the air breezing, the adrenaline of reaching each point and the freedom that only few know when sailing. You can choose to set sail at 9:00am or at 4:00pm.


Does NOT Include food or tastings and fishing license in case needed.

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