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14 Hour Trip


Califonia Norte



14 Hour Fishing Trip in Ensenada

Out, up to 40 miles out in the great Pacific, one fish rules supreme. The notorious, monstrous, strong, tough-fighting and delicious Tuna will provide you with an offshore fishing experience that you could only have ever dreamed of.

Sail the open waters and attract scores of these hungry fish, before using all your strength to hook ’em aboard. Not only will you have fun in the serenity of the open oceans, but landing one of these beasts also means a delicious dinner. Head back to shore and feast on your catch.

14 hour tuna fishing trip

Duration: 14 hours 

Set sail: 2:00 am

Cost: $ 1,400.00 USD per trip

Capacity: Up to 7 Persons

Type of trip: Private. This trip will be organized just for your group.

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